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Founded by world-renowned percussionist Neil Grover, Grover Pro Percussion focuses on creating high quality hand, mounted and concert percussion instruments with an added dedication to proper maintenance and handling: take care of your drum and it'll take care of you. Moreover, the brand is known for bringing innovative and ergonomic designs to its line of hand crafted products including the Grover tambourines, triangles, mallets and more. Percussion accessories like Grover's elite mallets will deliver a clean, crisp upgrade to the collective sound of your band or classroom, elevating the overall musical experience. Explore this American brand's tried-and-true instruments and accessories with Percussion Source!

Grover tambourines with synthetic heads

Grover responded to the requests of percussionists who live in humid climates by creating a tambourine with a synthetic head.

Grover Pro Percussion Road Case

The Grover Pro Percussion Road Case is perfect for percussionists, educators, or anyone needing a durable, versatile, portable percussion case.

Grover Bronze-Pro Hammered Triangles

Boston Symphony percussionist Lee Vinson stops by the factory and talks about the new Bronze-Pro Hammered Triangles.

Percussion Source

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