Remo 50 Series TU-0514-09 14" Pre-Tuned Tubano w/Bag, Tropical Leaf
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Remo 50 Series TU-0514-09 14" Pre-Tuned Tubano w/Bag, Tropical Leaf

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Save money by purchasing your Remo Tubano with a Basic Beat Bag!
This package includes a 14" Remo 50 Series pre-tuned Tubano and a Basic Beat Tube Drum Bag.
Remo 50 Series pre-tuned Tubanos:
Remo 50 Series pre-tuned Tubano drums are an excellent option for your music classroom, therapy session, or virtually any drumming situation! They feature a Skyndeep® head for an authentic ethnic drum sound. However, the pitch of pre-tuned Tubanos can not be changed, so several drums of the same size may have slightly different pitches. The Remo 50 Series Tubanos also feature an Acousticon® shell that is made of 99.9% recycled wood materials. This means that they will withstand climate changes, exuberant playing, and will be a long-lasting addition to your percussion collection.
Additional features of the Remo 50 Series pre-tuned Tubanos include:

Attached carrying handle
Molded feet to provide comfort while playing from a sitting position, as well as balance to prevent unwanted tilting
Available in three head diameter sizes: 10"for the highest tone, 12"for a medium tone, and 14"for the lowest tone; all are 26"in height
Available only in Tropical Leaf finish

Basic Beat Tube Drum Bags:
Here's a great way to protect Tubanos or other tube shaped drums when moving or storing. Features include; carrying handle on each end as well as detachable shoulder strap; both ends are lightly padded. The Basic Beat Tube Drum Bag has been designed to accomodate the difference in weight between the head end and feet end of your drum, and to allow the drum to be stored either on it's side or standing on the feet end. Different color trims allow for quick visual of size of drum.
Available in three sizes: small (10"-blue trim), medium (12"-red trim) and large (14"-yellow trim)
For best results, follow these steps to use the tube drum bag:

Turn drum upside down
Put drum bag over feet and fit over drum
Turn right side up to zip and store, or...
Transport with any of the convenient straps and handles



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Model NumberTU-0514-09 PACK
Series50 Series


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