Vic Firth American Classic 8DN Hickory Nylon Tip

Vic Firth

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The Vic Firth American Classic 8DN is a fantastic stick for jazz and pop music.  It’s very similar to a 7A in profile but it’s a half inch longer for a little extra reach and power.  The nylon tips make sure your cymbals sound bright and have plenty of cut in any gigging or recording situation.  -Alex

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The Vic Firth American Classic 8DN Hickory Nylon Tip Drum sticks features a nylon tear drop tip and is similar to the 7A, stick but a little bit longer.

The American Classic nylon tip models mirror their wood tip counterparts, so drummers can switch fro the richness of a wood tip to the brilliance of nylon without sacrificing feel and balance. And with Vic Firth's "tip locking" manufacturing process, they won't chip or fly off - guaranteed! Nylon tips are the most durable and produce bright sounds on cymbals. 

Length = 16" 

Diameter = .540"

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