Vic Firth RUTE Bundle Sticks 16 Dowels 0.056"

Vic Firth

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The RUTE Bundle Sticks from Vic Firth solve the age old problem of having to choose between a stick and a brush for low volume situations.  This bundle stick gives you a nice rebound when you play on the ride cymbal or play a fill around the kit without overpowering a small acoustic group.  These also work well for practice situations where volume is an issue.  -Alex

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Vic Firth offers a complete line of Rute, designed to provide the player with alternative sounds and feels across a variety of musical settings.  Each Rute model features premium birch dowels secured in a birch drumstick handle, unless indicated otherwise. The handle provides a natural feel and can also be used for back beats, cross rim work and intricate patterns on the cymbal bell. A moveable band adjusts the effect from crisp to splashy on some models.  

Designed for all-around rock, jazz and combo playing. With 16 dowels (.056").
L=16 3/8", Handle thickness = .750"

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