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High End Reimagined Drumsets

Pearl has taken suggestions from dealers and artists to create their High-End Reimagined drum sets!

  • Masters Pure brings a great resonant tone with a thin shell 4 ply of Maple and 4 ply reinforcement ring recipe.
  • Masters Maple is 6 plies of Maple for a solid deep tone.
  • Masters Gum incorporates 4 plies of maple and 2 plies of gum for an explosive sound.
  • Reference One takes Pearl’s years of crafting and experimentation to choose the right woods for each size of drum.

Paired with these new exciting sets is the R2 Air suspension mounting system that allows for free resonance thanks to 4 key mounting points. Additionally, the newly introduced Gyrolock-L mounts give you the freedom to mount the drums to your perfectly desired position with ease.


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Pearl Reference RF1 RF1P943XPL/C859 24/13/16F Shell Pack, Putty Grey
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$8,027.00 $4,819.96

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