Marimba One Double Helix DHR1 Very Hard Rattan Marimba Mallets

Marimba One

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Alt. Part # DHR1
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Due to their innovative mallet wrapping process, these are perhaps the most technological advanced marimba mallets available. Furthermore, the synthetic core allows this mallet to fully project at loud dynamics while also providing a clear and balanced sound.  -Adam

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The Marimba One Double Helix DHR1 Very Hard Rattan Marimba Mallets are a mid-weight mallet line designed to provide warmth and a full fundamental throughout the entire range of the marimba with a smooth, dark attack. Using two separate yarns, one synthetic yarn and one wool yarn wrapped with relaxed tension, Marimba One is able to provide a multitude of different sounds and feels.
Another unique design characteristics is the use of Dual Cores, a process called overmolding. This patented process consists of injection molded polymers carefully injected in hard and soft layers, resulting in a very consistent mallet which provides the ultimate marimba bar tone. This process, combined with various yarn tensions, also results in a nicely weighted and balanced head with wide tonal capabilities.
Color: Gray/Gray
Hardness: Very Hard
Handles: Rattan
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