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Malletech Stiletto Special 2021


Take advantage of this Super deal on Malletech Stiletto marimbas!


10% off throughout the month of November. Discount is already calculated into the online price. Two finish options:


NEW Custom black resonators, blond rails
Traditional silver resonators, black rails.

Instruments are built to order, please allow 60-90 days for delivery. What a great time to purchase the new improved Stiletto marimba. Malletech has upgraded the keyboard and bass resonator diameters without increasing the low octave reach creating more powerful, cleaner bass and shorter reaches to the far side of the sharp keys.

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Malletech Stiletto MSA5.0B 5.0 Oct. Marimba
Item No. 218682 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$26,500.00 $17,600.00
Malletech Stiletto MSA5.0 5.0 Oct. Marimba
Item No. 211375 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$22,050.00 $15,179.99