Remo 100 Series TU-1112-PM 12" Key-Tuned Tubano Kintekloth


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Remo Key-Tuned Tubanos are literally the West Music product I use more than any other.  They are the foundation of the World Music Drumming Curriculum and are ideally suited for use in General Music Classrooms:

  • The sturdy feet mean the drum does not have to be tipped to play.
  • The synthetic head and acousticon body are easily cleaned—you can even use a regular antibacterial wipe on them.
  • Investing in the key-tuned series means you can keep the drums sounding just as you want them, with varied voicing among the different sized drums.

You will never regret this purchase!  -Melissa

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This 12" Remo 100 Series key-tuned Tubano drum is the highest quality drum for your music classroom, therapy session, or virtually any drumming situation!  The Tubano tone is similar to both an African Kpanlogo and a Conga. These drums feature a Remo NuSkyn® head which provides a warm, rich, sound without unwanted overtones. They also feature an Acousticon® shell that is made of 99.9% recycled wood materials. This means that they will withstand climate changes, exuberant playing, and will be a long-lasting addition to your percussion collection. Additionally, since the Remo 100 Series Tubanos are tunable, you can easily change the tone so that each drum of the same size will have the same pitch. 
Additional features of the Remo 100 Series Tunable Tubanos include:
Attached carrying handle
Contour tuning lugs
Tuning wrench included
Molded feet to provide comfort while playing from a sitting position, as well as balance to prevent unwanted tilting
Available in three head diameter sizes: 10"for the highest tone, 12"for a medium tone, and 14"for the lowest tone; all are 27"in height
Available in three unique finishes: Island, Rainbow, or Kintekloth (pictured)

Remo recommends the following the following replacement heads:12" Mondo Type 2 Nuskyn model number MO-2512-N1-6000 (item number 253719)
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