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Check back often.... we'll be periodically updating this page with PASIC glimpses as they become available. Shop early and often!

Black Swamp PASIC Preorder - check out the drums that will be at the show. 

Reserve your favorite today, and pick up the drum at PASIC (shipping charges would be removed from order).

Not attending PASIC? We can ship your drum to you in late November after the show (shipping rates apply).

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$8,946.00 $4,887.00
Adams *Demo* Alpha VAGT35M/9W1 3.5 Oct Vibraphone, Gold Bars, Whitewash/Black
Item No. D01130 Temporarily Out of Stock, Reserve Yours Today
$12,848.00 $7,015.50
$12,578.00 $6,867.00
$3,578.00 $1,765.16
Adams *Demo* GAN33 Artist Vintage Tube Frame 3.3 Oct Glockenspiel
Item No. D00920 Temporarily Out of Stock, Reserve Yours Today
$7,918.00 $4,498.16