Innovative Percussion Lalo Davila IP-LD Snare Drumsticks

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The Innovative Percussion IP-LD was designed by percussion instructor Lalo Davila with the beginning percussion student in mind.  It has the extra length you would expect from a concert snare stick but with a slightly smaller diameter so it’s easier for young players to hold.  I love this stick for its excellent balance and consistent rebound at any dynamic level.  -Alex

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The Innovative Percussion Lalo Davilla IP-LD Hickory Snare Drumsticks serve as an educational tool for the beginning snare drummer. It is constructed of heartwood hickory, and features a slightly smaller diameter to better accommodate the smaller hands of a beginning player. The barrel shaped bead creates a full sound quality at any dynamic level, while the slightly longer taper results in an increased rebound and excellent balance. This model is an excellent general purpose concert snare drumstick and the perfect tool for the percussion educator teaching young snare drummers.
Lalo Davila is Associate Professor of Music and Director of Percussion Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.
Wood: Heartwood Hickory
Bead: Barrel Shaped
Taper: Long
Length: 16 3/8"
Thickness: .635"
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