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Marching musicians devote significant time to perfecting their craft, so equip them with quality instruments that match their dedication. Percussion Source carries many marching snare drums from Mapex, Dynasty, Pearl and Yamaha, so your students can keep the tradition of drum line excellence alive. In a range of colors, sizes and construction techniques, these instruments each have a personality of their own. The beat never stops when you arm your drummers with the Pearl Marching Snare.

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$1,738.00 $793.95
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Yamaha SFZ MS-9414B 14x12" Marching Snare Drum Black Forest
Item No. 218610 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,038.00 $610.95
Pearl Junior MJS1208/CXN33 12x8" Marching Snare, Pure White w/Carrier
Item No. 217003 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$672.00 $310.95
Mapex Quantum QAX1410S-SW 14x10" Agility Marching Snare Drum, White
Item No. 215794 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,234.00 $579.95
$1,555.00 $709.95
Yamaha SFZ MS-9414BU 14x12" Marching Snare Drum Blue Forest
Item No. 218608 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,038.00 $610.95
Ludwig Performance LPMS14PVC 14x12" Marching Snare Drum, Black
Item No. 218790 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,400.00 $897.95

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