Latin Percussion Giovanni Compact Series LP826 11.75" Compact Conga
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Latin Percussion Giovanni Compact Series LP826 11.75" Compact Conga

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As the laptop is to the desktop, the Giovanni Series Compact Conga is to Giovanni Hidalgos signature full-size drum. The slender counterpart sits comfortably atop a standard snare drum stand, offering a new definition of conga portability. In addition, it will fit where others dare not go: small apartments, practice cubicles, or even the space between the hi-hat and the crash cymbal in a drumset. The sound is surprisingly full and delivers traditional slaps, muted sounds, and bass. Equally important, the Giovanni Compact Conga features a rugged aluminum alloy rim that is easy on the hands.With 11" and 11 3/4" sizes available, the Giovanni Compact Conga is the perfect solution to space and volume problems and can be muted for quiet practice. When a regular conga begging the question - is too large, yet you need authentic conga sound and feel, this is your instrument.;Drum key tunable to different pitches Can be used anywhere a conga is played Fits on virtually any basket snare stand May be muted for quiet practice Patented and award-winning design Perfect for use with a drum set, percussion set-up or on its own Made from a special aluminum alloy Available in two sizes: 11" & 11-3/4"


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Model NumberLP826
SeriesGiovanni Compact Series


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