Innovative Percussion BR-8 Fanned "Caps" Bundle Sticks
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Innovative Percussion BR-8 Fanned "Caps" Bundle Sticks

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Innovative Percussion offers an extensive lineup of brushes and bundle;rods which serve a variety of functions.The Retractable Brushes, models BR-1 and BR-2, feature a durable plastic housing designed without the need for a pull rod to retract the brushes. BR-1 has light nylon brushes for more delicate work while BR-2 features nylon bristles which are stiffer for slightly heavier playing.The two Wood Handle models, BR-3 and BR-4, feature heartwood hickory shafts with Inovative's unique "fulcrum notched" design for great feel and balance.; The nylon bristles on these two models come in medium (BR-3) and heavy (BR-4) weights.The Nylon Bundle Sticks, model BR-5, feature a nylon grip and an adjustable nylon sleeve which adjusts the spread of the bristles;for a number of sound possibilities.The BR-6 "Caps" Bundle Sticks feature a wooden handle and extra heavy nylon bristles with brass caps on the end for more articulation and projection.The BR-7 Bundle Sticks have large synthetic rods with a textured grip handle and adjustable nylon sleeve for different timbres.;


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BrandInnovative Percussion
Model NumberBR-8


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