Mike Balter Emil Richards ERSR Super Rub Mallets

Mike Balter

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Looking to spice up your cymbal and gong sounds? Look no further! These mallets produce various eerie sounds that can really set the mood for a piece. Try out all three sizes included in the set, they all make different sounds! - Lauren

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The Mike Balter Emil Richards ERSR Super Rub Mallets feature rubber balls that create a unique ethereal effect when rubbed on gongs, cymbals, drum heads, keyboard bars, and even tabletops.
These mallets come in a set of three mallets with different head sizes. The set includes one each of the following head sizes, 3/4" 7/8", 5/16". These mallets will come in a variety of colors and are made with short, thin fiberglass shafts.
The Emil Richards Series provides an array of products each producing a unique sound created by Emil Richards, Mr. Hollywood Percussion, in the studios for TV and movies. Attention to musical nuance was key in the development of this series.
*Colors may vary from ones shown in photo due to production. Colors cannot be requested.
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