Grover T2/HS-B 10" Bantamweight Hybrid Silver Double Row Tambourine
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Grover T2/HS-B 10" Bantamweight Hybrid Silver Double Row Tambourine

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The Grover T2/HS-B 10" Bantamweight Hybrid Silver Double Row Tambourine with a synthetic Remo Skyntone head weighs 15% less than the other pro-level tambourines. Grover Pro Bantamweight Series tambourines are easier to grip, control, and play! The Bantamweight's shell is narrower in depth, resulting in a professional-quality instrument which can be played with ease and dexterity, especially by younger percussionists and those with smaller hands.
Like other Grover models, these tambourines feature 34 jingles in a staggered row configuration. Dual-width jingle slots facilitate smooth, even rolls. The head is carefully pre-tensioned and mounted to the shell using a two-part adhesive that secures the perimeter of the head to the shell bearing edge. Remo’s Skyntone® head material is used because it closely simulates the natural warmth of real skin, the difference being that it will remain tight at all times and under any playing condition.
The Hybrid Silver Tambourine brings together the resonance of the popular German Silver model with the crisp clarity of our Heat-Treated Silver model tambourine. Well suited to all playing situations, the sonority of this tambourine is defined yet complex. This tambourine is especially effective in less than desirable acoustic environments. Clearly, the Hybrid Silver Tambourine is the perfect choice for players who demand the best of both worlds!
Every Bantamweight Series tambourine features:

Reduced weight solid hardwood shell
Remo pre-tensioned Skyntone head
Staggered, dual-width jingle slots
Hand-hammered jingles
Captive pin system
Cordura case & Roll-Ring included

*** Includes CTB tambourine bag and Roll Ring! ***



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Model NumberT2/HS-B
SeriesBantamweight Series


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