Remo KA-5300-00 Crystal Kalimba
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Remo KA-5300-00 Crystal Kalimba

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Expert Perspective

The Remo Crystal Kalimba fits perfectly into your hands.  The vibra-tactile feel can be felt through your body.  I challenge you to place it on a resonating body such as a drum or desk and play it, you'll be wowed!  ~Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant


The Remo KA-5300-00 Crystal Kalimba is tuned to a C Pentatonic Scale and has a base made of clear Acrylic. The soothing medium sized 7 note metal tines produce a soothing low tone when plucked and is great for solo or small ensemble pieces or can be amplified with microphones for larger groups.

Originally rooted in Africa, the Kalimba is a very old instrument. Today it can be found in traditional and popular African music. One of the more common uses of the Kalimba is for Heath and Wellness actives. The relaxing rhythmic capabilities of this instrument are perfect for meditation and putting yourself in a tranquil state.

Lightweight and Easily Cleanable

The Remo Crystal Kalimba is made of a clear Acrylic material that is lightweight and easy to clean. Its oval shape makes it accessible for all sizes of hands to hold easily. Included with your purchase is a microfiber drawstring bag for safe storage and easy to take without anywhere!

Can You Turn It Up Louder?

If wanting to produce a louder volume on your Kalimba try playing the instrument on a flat hard table surface or a drum. The table and or drum will help act as a resonator and help project the sound. Other possibilities are to us a microphone and speaker system if playing with a larger group.

Remo Kalimba Features

  • C Pentatonic, 7 - Notes
  • Easy to Clean, Clear Acrylic Base
  • Ergonomic Oval Shape
  • Includes a Microfiber Draw-String Storage bag

Size: 5.25" X 3.5" X 0.5"



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Model NumberKA-5300-00
SeriesGreen and Clean Series


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