Boomwhackers Diatonic Package w/ CD and Octavator Caps
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Boomwhackers Diatonic Package w/ CD and Octavator Caps

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This fun Boomwhackers package includes a set of 8 diatonic Boomwhackers percussion tubes, 8 Octavator tube caps, and a Boomwhackers Games CD by Bradley Bonner.

Strike the tube (gently!) on your body to produce a sound. Place an octavator tube cap on the end of a Boomwhacker to lower the pitch an octave. On the CD, each activity can be played by one child or by a classroom of primary-aged children. The games may be played independently by children or led by a parent or teacher. Practice tracks give spoken directions and activities to learn the rhythms used with the song tracks (no written instructions).

Included Pitches:
(middle) C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, A1, B1, (high) C2

CD tracks:
"Boomy Whacky"
"Garden Whacks"
"Happy Whacks"
"Who Knocks"
"Straw Whackers"


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