Rhythmkids G-920 Extra Small Shekere
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Rhythmkids G-920 Extra Small Shekere

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Your students come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and so do these beautifully hand-crafted shekeres. Some will have a full “handle,” some won’t. Some will have multi-colored beads, some won’t. Even the colors and combinations of beads may vary. All are examples you can use to illustrate for your students that these are not mass produced instruments, but individually created.  All will be in the 5”-6” range, but that will also vary as they are made of natural gourds and selected for similar, but not matching sizes. What will they all have in common? A fantastic sound!  -Melissa


Designed for kids by making them smaller, safer and more durable than other standard models. Many adults find these little shekeres to be very appealing with their sharp, high pitched tone and charming size. The thickest gourds are selected for extra durability and ease of playing. Shekeres may be played in many ways, by shaking, twisting, tapping, pulling on the netting, etc. Each one has a unique sound.

**A note from the manufacturer: "Due to manufacturing and supply issues, bead color may vary;.**


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