Overseas Connection G-732B 12" Gankogui
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Overseas Connection G-732B 12" Gankogui

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Traditional gankogui (African agogo bells) with a stacked configuration; medium size (approx. 10"-11" long). Made in Togo and Ghana by blacksmiths using hand bellows and rudimentary forges. Since each bell is hand-forged, each will have its unique tone. The sizes will also vary; the smaller bell is about 2.5" diameter and the larger bell about 3.5" diameter. Traditionally used to mark the beat for ceremonies, this bell is one of the most important parts of many percussion ensembles. It produces various open and closed sounds, with a brighter tone than the Nigerian agogo bell. Try dampening the bell against your leg while you play. Easily handheld; or ready for stand attachment (use your stand and hardware). Wooden striker included.


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BrandOverseas Connection
Model NumberG-732B


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