Grover ChromaTone II TMB-C10 Wood Core, Staccato Timpani Mallets, Orange
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Grover ChromaTone II TMB-C10 Wood Core, Staccato Timpani Mallets, Orange

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Unlike traditional timpani mallets, ChromaTone mallets are not constructed from a flat sheet of commercial-grade felt formed over a round core, which often results in air pockets and problematic voids. Grover's custom felt is designed to be spherically shaped from the start. In addition, since Grover controls the density and thickness of the felt during production, there is no need to "doctor"the core by adding layers of adhesive-backed underlayment.
Grover's vibrantly colored felt is molded to a solid core so that the mallet head will function as one mass. By eliminating the need for hand-stitching Grover solves problems such as striking on seams and voids, and the loosening of stitches. Grover's unique molded felt remains consistently tight and intact without the "dead spots"that often plague traditional timpani mallets.
The sound of Grover'sChromaTone mallets can best be described as having great clarity with a focused pitch center. The mating of the seamless heads to lightweight bamboo handles moves the center of gravity significantly forward, improving the ability to produce a round sonority with greater fundamental purity. A round timpani mallet also allows for the player to change the angle of the mallet without affecting the sound. Each model in the line represents a different sound and weight as determined by felt thickness and our three different core options: cork, wood, and synthetic.
The bamboo handles of Grover's ChromaTone mallets are as feature-rich as the mallet heads. A smooth sleeve ensures a secure hold and more comfort than typical bamboo mallets. While each pair of mallets is boldly color-coded for easy and quick identification, there is also a plug at the bottom of each handle marked with the model number for easy distinguishing on a trap table if the colors are not visible. Grover's bamboo is hand-selected for consistency in density and straightness, with each handle measuring 14 inches long with a 0.5-inch diameter. Every pair is also carefully weight- and color-matched.


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Model NumberTMB-C10
SeriesChromaTone II


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