Evans EC2 Clear TT15EC2S 15" Drum Head
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Evans EC2 Clear TT15EC2S 15" Drum Head

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Evans 2-ply tom head, the EC2, features an Edge Control ring that isolates and dampens higher overtones, enhances low-end and attack, and enables broader tuning and dynamic ranges. Unlike conventionally damped heads, the EC2 will not choke at higher tuning ranges, or lose its full-bodied presence when tuned low. This 15" clear drum head features two plys of 7mil film as well as the Sound Shaping Technology Edge Control Ring. The ring is mounted on the bottom side of the head and varies in size depending on the diameter of the head. This allows the EC2 head to deliver an incredibly balanced sound across the entire drum kit.
This head is available in sizes ranging from 6" to 18" as well as in packs! Outfit your entire kit!


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Model NumberTT15EC2S
SeriesEC2 Clear


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