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Driving the beat with its unique timbre, the snare drum is one of the most integral components to any drum set. Without the right snare and the proper adjustments to it - your whole kit just won't reach its full potential. Percussion Source has gathered a diverse assemblage of products to complete your kit and round out your sound. With Mapex, Pearl, Latin Percussion, Dynamicx, and Ludwig snare drums, our collection varies in diameter, depth, and finish. Enhance your sound with an upgraded snare today - it's never too late.

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Pearl Effects S1330B 13x3" Steel Piccolo Snare Drum
Item No. 211591 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$439.00 $267.95
$219.00 $139.95
$209.00 $149.00
Ludwig Supra Phonic LM402 14x6.5" Aluminum Snare Drum, Imperial Lug
Item No. 212003 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,075.00 $699.00
Mapex MPX MPNST4351CN 14x3.5" Steel Piccolo Snare Drum Chrome
Item No. 218805 Temporarily Out of Stock, Reserve Yours Today
$259.00 $149.00
Pearl Effects M1060 10x6" Popcorn Maple Snare Drum
Item No. 215997 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$788.00 $478.95
Pearl SensiTone Heritage STH1450BR 14x5" Black Brass Snare Drum
Item No. 218483 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$718.00 $431.95
Pearl Signature MH1460/B 14x6 Matt Halpern Snare Drum
Item No. 218490 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,318.00 $826.95
Ludwig Black Beauty LB416 14x5" Smooth Brass Snare Drum, Imperial Lugs
Item No. 211508 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,306.00 $849.00