One of the oldest instruments around, the gong is an integral piece to any percussion section. The bellow and reverberation produced by these traditionally East and South East Asian instruments contribute a shade of contained revelry or deep introspection into any piece. We have curated a diversified selection featuring Tiger, Opera, Chau and Wind gongs from top brands like Dream, Han Chi, Sabian and Zildjian for an unforgettable performance. Also, our very own Percussion Source gongs from the Far East are intricately tuned and adjusted to give you optimal sound!
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Dream CHAU20 20" Chau Gong
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Sabian 54001 40" Chinese Gong
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$2,685.00 $1,564.99
Westco GO7901-12 Westco 12" Gong with Mallet
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$64.95 $48.95
Dream FENG16 16" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204306 In Stock
Dream TIGER14 14" Tiger Sound Gong
Item No. 204325 In Stock
$131.67 $79.00
Dream FENG22 22" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204307 In Stock
Dream CHAU28 28" Chau Gong
Item No. 204315 Temporarily Out of Stock, Reserve Yours Today
Dream FENG12 12" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204305 In Stock
Dream CHAU16 16" Chau Gong
Item No. 204311 In Stock