Concert Snare Drums

The occasional hard-nosed timbre of a snare drum - crisp, distinct, driving - is essential to a successful concert performance. Percussion Source has gathered a long line of instruments to provide you with a finely tuned, diverse selection; from deep-sounding field snare drums from Pearl and Black Swamp to the more vibrant, traditional concert snares from Yamaha and Majestic. These high quality instruments also feature a variety of shell finishes, tension rods, lugs and snare cables. Browse our selection today to equip your students with the percussion equipment they deserve.
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Pearl Philharmonic PHB1440 14x4 Brass Snare Drum
Item No. 213205 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,476.00 $648.91
$1,510.00 $597.72
$1,350.00 $566.99
$1,186.00 $521.74
$1,305.00 $979.00
Black Swamp Multisonic MS6514MD-CB 14x6.5" Ply Maple Snare Drum, Black
Item No. 211452 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,358.00 $1,019.00
$1,224.00 $512.99
Pearl Philharmonic PHP1340-101 13x4 Ply Maple Snare Drum, Walnut
Item No. 211568 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,224.00 $538.04
Majestic Prophonic MPS1450BR 14x5 Brass Snare Drum with Case
Item No. 217389 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$1,267.00 $696.85

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