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xylophones mallet percussion mallet instrumentsMallet percussion instruments, like xylophones, vibraphones, and glockenspiels, add a whimsical charm to nearly any concert performance or recital. The understated, yet bold tone can provide any ensemble with a glowing, angelic effect and breathe true life into its sound. With professional-grade wooden bar instruments and more from such trusted manufacturers as Adams, Pearl, and Korogi, Percussion Source’s vast selection also varies in octave range – from 2.6 to 5.5. Most of these finely crafted instruments even come on wheels for enhanced stability, easy transport and maneuverability.

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$550.00 $315.00
Schiedmayer 5.5 Octave Studio Celesta, Natural Oak Finish
Item No. 100006 Ships directly from Manufacturer
Schiedmayer 5.5 Octave Compact Celesta, Black Oak Finish
Item No. 100572 Ships directly from Manufacturer
Bergerault Signature SRS50S 5.0 Oct Rosewood Marimba
Item No. 217125 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$24,000.00 $12,899.95
Adams Concert Endurance MCKF43 4.3 Oct Zelon Marimba on Field Frame
Item No. 211358 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$8,941.99 $4,887.12
Malletech MTech MMT5.0 5.0 Oct. Padauk Marimba
Item No. 217846 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$10,284.75 $7,099.99
Malletech Michael Burritt MJBA 5 Octave Marimba
Item No. 216926 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$23,000.00 $15,869.99
Adams Standard BK2201C 1.5 Oct 1.25" Chrome Concert Chimes
Item No. 216933 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$7,208.99 $3,903.27

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