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xylophones mallet percussion mallet instrumentsMallet percussion instruments, like xylophones, vibraphones, and glockenspiels, add a whimsical charm to nearly any concert performance or recital. The understated, yet bold tone can provide any ensemble with a glowing, angelic effect and breathe true life into its sound. With professional-grade wooden bar instruments and more from such trusted manufacturers as Adams, Pearl, and Korogi, Percussion Source’s vast selection also varies in octave range – from 2.6 to 5.5. Most of these finely crafted instruments even come on wheels for enhanced stability, easy transport and maneuverability.

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$536.00 $319.95
Adams Concert Endurance MCKF43 4.3 Oct Zelon Marimba w/Field Frame
Item No. 211358 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$9,580.00 $5,282.95
Schiedmayer 5.5 Octave Studio Celesta, Natural Oak Finish
Item No. 100006 Ships directly from Manufacturer
Malletech MTech MMT5.0 5.0 Oct. Padauk Marimba
Item No. 217846 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$11,580.00 $7,894.95
Adams Symphonic BK3203C 1.5 Oct 1.5" Chrome Concert Chimes
Item No. 216930 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$10,138.00 $5,558.95
Schiedmayer 5.5 Octave Compact Celesta, Black Oak Finish
Item No. 100572 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$10,342.00 $5,560.95
Bergerault Signature SRS50S 5.0 Oct Rosewood Marimba
Item No. 217125 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$28,000.00 $15,053.95
$24,755.00 $15,169.95


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