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Zildjian K Symphonic K2102 17' Hand Cymbals

Brand: Zildjian


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Zildjian K Symphonic line of hand cymbals are designed in conjunction with Marc Damoulakis of the Cleveland Orchestra, the K. Symphonic cymbals feature a unique cluster hammering process that opens up the sound giving them an aged-in feel that is effortless to play. The cymbals have a consistent sound color throughout all dynamic levels and a well balanced attack and sustain.

The K. Symphonic cymbals are priced and pitched between the Classic Orchestral Series and the K. Constantinople Series, giving them a mid-range core sound that can cut through any ensemble. The K. Symphonic Lights are a lighter cymbal and are available in both Traditional and Brilliant finish.

These cymbals have been described as having a similar tone quality from soft to loud dynamics and between sizes.

K2102 17" K Symphonic
K2104 18" K Symphonic
K2106 19" K Symphonic
K2108 20" K Symphonic

K2004 18" K Symphonic Light (Regular Finish)
K2008 20" K Symphonic Light (Regular Finish)

K2014 18" K Symphonic Light (Brilliant Finish)
K2018 20" K Symphonic Light (Brilliant Finish)


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Zildjian K Symphonic Cymbals (Zildjian K Symphonic K2102 17' Hand Cymbals)
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