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Zildjian FX A20002 9.5 Inch Zil Bel

Brand: Zildjian


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Item: #210596
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Zildjian's FX Series says Your Playing is Your Voice – Accent it!  You can never have too many sounds when your creativity demands them. The Zildjian Sound Lab continues the tradition of working with the world’s most inventive and experimental drummers and percussionists – like Alex Acuna, Dennis Chambers and Zach Danziger – to create uniquely designed, innovative sound effects. These exotic sound colors help you define your signature sound and add character and variety to your kit.

A Custom EFX
Unique set of laser generated "cut outs" allow the cymbal to produce a quick, dry and trashy sound used for accenting and punctuating. 
16"   A20816
18"   A20818

Crafted with electronically created "white noise" sounds in mind, but interesting enough for all styles of music.
16"   ZHT16EFX
18"   ZHT18EFT

Avedis Series Swish Knocker
Unique stick definition for funky ride beat with roaring overtones and sizzle effect. (20 rivets). 
22"   A0315

Azuka Latin Multi-Crash Hand & Stick
Played by hand or with sticks. Great dynamic range. Quick response to the lightest touch. Opens up for full crash sound. 
15"   A20015

Azuka El Sonido Multi Crash Ride
Developed with Percussionist Marc Quinones of the Allman Brothers Band, the 17" El Sonido Multi Crash Ride provides a versatility of sound for use in any Salsa, Jazz, Latin, or Rock setting. 
17"   A20017

Oriental China "Trash"
Authentic "trashy" Chinese sound. Very fast, explosive response with rapid decay. 
12"   A0612
14"   A0614
16"   A0616
18"   A0618
20"   A0620

Oriental Crash of Doom
A truly "one of a kind" monster Crash. Ultra-trashy, very dark and low pitched. Features an immediate, explosive attack and a tremendous, broad, full-bodied sustain. An exceptionally exotic sound for special accents and effects.  
20"   A0621

Oriental "Trash" Splash
Exotic, "trashy" special effects sounds for short, sharp accents. Blends perfectly with other splash cymbals. 
9"     A0609
11"   A0611

Bright, singing musical tone. Ideal for special accents and effects.  High & Low Pitch.
6"     A20001
9.5"  A20002

Spiral Trash
With unique overtones and an almost wave-like timbre this cymbal can expand the sound pallete of any percussion set up. 
16"   FXSPL16
18"   FXSPL18


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