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Yamaha YV3710MC Professional 3.0 Matte Finish Gold Bar Vibraphone

Brand: Yamaha


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The Yamaha YV3710MC Professional 3.0 Matte Finish Gold Bar Vibraphone features Yamaha’s exclusive graduated aluminum alloy bars with a matte finish that produce full tone and projection throughout the instrument's range. The matte finish provides a warmer tone versus the brighter glossy finish bars. Additional tuning process of partials ensures superb intonation and broad tone. This instrument also features the Yamaha YVM300 Quiet motor, with silent pause and silent fan speed slider control.  These features allow musical expression without unwanted noises and the memory returns stopped fans to pre-determined position between 25-150 rpm.

The frame features dual angle braces, lower crossbar support, and horizontal leg supports to maintain stability and therefore playability. The height-adjustability allows all players to find the most comfortable playing position. This frame is also fully collapsible with two-part resonators, damper arm, pedal crossbar, and hinged rails. This disassembles into relatively small parts for compact storage and transport.


  • Matte Finish Gold Bars
  • Range: 3.0 Octaves F33-F69
  • Bar Sizes: Graduating from 1 1/2" - 2 1/4" x 1/2"
  • Pedal     Swivel; oversized
  • Dimensions: 56 ¼” x 32 ¼”
  • Height Adjustable: Frame is height adjustable from 33 7/8 " to 37"
  • Casters Oversized 4" casters (two locking)
  • Pitch: A=442Hz
  • Cover Included



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