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Yamaha Orchestral OSM-1450 14x5" Maple Snare Drum

Brand: Yamaha


MSRP: $858.00

Item: #217363
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The Yamaha Orchestra OSM-1450 14x5” Maple Snare Drum features a 7-ply Maple Shell that was chosen for its warmth and response. This drum is finished in a classic brown stain for visual appeal and has a shallow snare bed that allows the snares to respond at any dynamic level.

Yamaha’s K-style strainer, first introduced on the popular BSM (Berlin) snare drum, is used for its elegant design. Solid, silent and simple, the K-style strainer promotes confidence, whether in a top orchestra or an excelling high school program.


  • 3-piece tube lugs provide tuning stability while keeping mass down, allowing the shell to freely resonate.
  • Lightweight aluminum die-cast hoops also keep weight down while providing accurate tuning of the heads.
  • Yamaha’s K-style strainer
  • The OSM comes with two sets of snare wires. The set of 10-strand straight cable snares offers a darker voice and the coiled carbon steel snares offer a brighter sound when preferred.


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