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Yamaha MTS MTS-9214-W 14x12" Marching Snare Drum, White

Brand: Yamaha


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Yamaha's MTS Series Snare Drums (Multi-Timbre Snare) offer enhanced sound and versatility with a unique double snare system which features independently switchable snares on the bottom and top heads.  TO clearly differentiate between the lower and upper snare sounds, the upper snare assembly employs a patented, self-tensioning steel cable snare that delivers a bright tone with crisp articulation and solid projection.   

All other specifications are based on Yamaha's acclaimed Sforzando series marching snare drum: distinctive sound, wide dynamic range, explosive rimshot.

For urgent drumhead changes, the strainer system allows for quick and easy removal of the snare assembly. With the use of FiberTechTM snares, a crisp and articulate sound is obtained while ten independently adjustable strands allow for precise tuning control.

The butt-side strainer uses aluminum die-cast construction for strength without excess weight, and has vertical adjustment capability for a precise setting of snare height. This also houses the independent adjustment for each FiberTech snaregut.

The release-side strainer uses parts made of die-cast aluminum and durable nylon for a smooth, noise-free operation. An oversized vertical adjustment knob allows adjustment to snare height even when snares are engaged. For a precise setting of the snare tension, the horizontal adjustment knob is within easy reach of the player.

For consistent tuning and explosive rim shots, the top and bottom rims use a special aluminum alloy in a solid, die-cast design without excess weight. The 6mm diameter of the tension rods provides the extra strength necessary to maintain structural integrity under aggressive tuning conditions. Double steel washers allow smooth tuning adjustments at any tension.

In contrast to the dynamic, full-bodied sound of the 14" model, the 13" model is lighter and can achieve a higher fundamental pitch with a controlled sound for precision on the field or while indoors.

Available in two wrap finishes and three stain finishes:
S - Silky Silver Wrap
W - White Wrap
B - Black Forest Stain
BU- Blue Forest Stain
R - Red Forest Stain

Also available in a variety of custom lacquer finishes, wraps, and colored and powdercoated hardware.  Please call or email for custom finish options.


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