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Yamaha Keiko Abe MKAW-01 Red Two-Tone, Birch Marimba Mallets

Brand: Yamaha


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The Yamaha Keiko Abe MKAW-01 Red Two-Tone Marimba Mallets with Birch Handles are the only Two-Tone mallet in the Abe series. Featuring a Dual-Core with synthetic leather wrapped with yarn, these mallets are designed to draw out the most tone from the instrument at soft low volumes, and brighter higher volumes.

Birch handles are lighter in weight than Rattan, and many players prefer the material for its combination of firmness and durability.

These mallets are ideal for advanced players as these mallets are much heavier than regular mallets. The weight of these mallets causes the marimba bar to resonate fully creating beautiful sounds throughout the instrument. These yarn wound mallets are ideal for solo work, along with concertos, and are available in a variety of lengths. Each mallet consists of a unique feature and texture as well as color-coded tape for easy identification during playing situations.


Shaft: Birch

Hardness: Two-Tone

Color Band: Red

Material: Yarn Wound

Core Size: 30x23mm

Core Feature: Dual-core with synthetic leather

Length: 430mm


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