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Yamaha Grand Series CB9036CS 36 x 22" Concert Bass w/ Tilting Stand

Brand: Yamaha


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The Yamaha CB9036CS Grand Series Concert Bass drums features a 36”x22” shell on the Yamaha 9000 series professional bass drum stand. Also includes cover.

This series produces a deep, rich sound with exceptional projection due to its 7-ply maple shell with a darkwood stain finish. The addition of steel hoops creates precise and stable tuning to ensure a perfect sound that lasts. The line is equipped with Remo Fiberskyn Heads. Sound design and quality were the top two drivers for the Yamaha product designers. An anti-rotational slip measure on the stand, new noise control features on lug casings and tension rods, and a maple shell truly make this concert bass drum an instrument that will be the only choice for professional percussionists.

Available for this series is an improved bass drum stand along with accessories such as wraps and covers made of Cordura. The new stand features a Heck Rack style locking mechanism with an improved rotational mechanism allowing the drum to lock into one playing position. This new system enables the drum to have a firm grasp at any angle.


New Shell Design

A new shell design employs maple for a solid low end with complex, delicate sustain. This 100% maple shell that provides solid attack and a full, resonant sound.

Air-Seal system shell

Ensures the shell starts round and stays round, an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.

Solid Steel Hoops

Stay round and to maintain accurate tuning. Solid steel hoops provide a well-defined tonal core that cannot be achieved with wood hoops.

Heavy duty, small-body lug design

Holds tuning even with calf heads; allows maximum shell resonance.

Heavy duty arched stand

Supports the drum even at loud volumes during play, BS-9036

Hardwood stand base

Offers professional look and ensures stability.

Reinforced stand clamp

Ensures solid hold without rattle.

4 locking casters

Provides stable support without noise.

REMO FiberSkyn head 

Provides deep, warm sound.

Dark Wood Finish

A dark wood finish exudes sophistication and elegance.


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