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Yamaha *DEMO* Orchestral OSM-1465 14x6.5" Maple Snare Drum

Brand: Yamaha


Item: #D00968
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DEMO MODEL:  This instrument has been opened and typically used by an artist or group at a clinic or performance event (i.e. a State Educator show, or Industry Trade show booth.)  The instruments have not been previously owned, and with very few exceptions, are in original packaging.  All DEMO models instruments still carry the full manufacturer’s warranty - but at a lower cost to compensate for the limited usage.   All specifications and details are identical to the brand new versions. 

The Yamaha Orchestra OSM-1465 14x6.5” Maple Snare Drum features a 7-ply Maple Shell that was chosen for its warmth and response. This drum is finished in a classic brown stain for visual appeal and has a shallow snare bed that allows the snares to respond at any dynamic level.

Yamaha’s K-style strainer, first introduced on the popular BSM (Berlin) snare drum, is used for its elegant design. Solid, silent and simple, the K-style strainer promotes confidence, whether in a top orchestra or an excelling high school program.


  • 3-piece tube lugs provide tuning stability while keeping mass down, allowing the shell to freely resonate.
  • Lightweight aluminum die-cast hoops also keep weight down while providing accurate tuning of the heads.
  • Yamaha’s K-style strainer
  • The OSM comes with two sets of snare wires. The set of 10-strand straight cable snares offers a darker voice and the coiled carbon steel snares offer a brighter sound when preferred.


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