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Yamaha Concert CSM-1350AII 13x5" Maple Snare Drum

Brand: Yamaha


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The Yamaha Concert CSM-1350AII 13x5" Maple Snare Drum have been designed using many of the features from the industry’s best concert snare drums offering outstanding attack and versatility for a wide range of performance situations.


Each drum is constructed of 8-ply Maple using the exclusive Air-Sea system and feature 3-piece Tubular Lugs that ensure consistent tuning and maximize shell vibration. By drawing inspiration and incorporating many of the attributes of the ever-popular Grand Symphonic drums, the CSM Concert Series snares are a perfect fit for any performer or ensemble in any performance environment. 


  • This shell design achieves beautifully warm tone that also has outstanding snap and clarity. The thicker 8-ply maple shell facilitates even finer detail and expanded expressive capability.


  • Q Type Strainer Release - Compact and easy to operate, the Q Type Strainer lets you tighten or release your snares quickly and quietly. This model is constructed using the patented Yamaha Air-Seal System™ ensuring the shell stays perfectly round.


  • Straight Cable Snares - Coated straight cable snares are ideally matched to the drum’s head for superior sound.


  • Extra Deep Snare Bed- An extra deep snare bed results in improved contact between the snares and the bottom head for notably enhanced snare response and a crisper tone. Additionally, the rounded edge improves both snare response and tuning accuracy.


  • Three-Piece Tube Lugs -A unique three-piece tubular lug is used to reduce shell contact and improve resonance, thus enhancing the natural vibration and tone of the shell.



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"Yamaha Concert CSM-1345A 13x4.5"" Maple Snare Drum"
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