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Yamaha CEL53C 53 Note Celesta W/Cover

Brand: Yamaha


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The Yamaha CEL53C Symphonic Celesta is the basic model with a range of C40-E92, 53 total keys and is the perfect instrument for ensemble performance with an orchestra.  The first single-layer action mechanism provides a uniform feel across the entire keyboard, for better performance in an ensemble setting. This series of celestas are also lighter in weight than previous models, as it has less moving parts due to a different design to the resonator box.

These instruments utilize a grand piano action that makes smooth playing possible and allows for easy adjustment and calibration. The damper pedal is situated slightly right of center, exactly where the piano player would expect. The keyboard height is equal to that of a piano and has a narrow key slip leading to a more comfortable posture and hand positioning. The music rest is ideally positioned to permit clear visibility of the score and the conductor simultaneously. Finally, a folding cover protects and preserves the keys.


Metal plates and resonator: Special metal plates and a unique resonator configuration deliver pure, vibrant tones throughout the entire range.

Keyboard: Piano-standard keyboard height and a narrow key slip offer more natural, comfortable posture and hand positioning. Key surfaces of Ivorite and unstained ebony are a pleasure to see and to play.

Music rest: The music rest is positioned to allow clear line-of-sight visibility for both score and conductor.

Caster: Double-wheel locking casters ensure easy, durable mobility.

Cabinet: The cabinet, crafted of oak veneer with a mahogany finish and metal grilles, blends well with orchestral settings.

Cover: Includes padded cover.



Width: 39.76"

Height: 42.52"

Depth: 25.59"

Weight:154 lbs

Number of Keys: 53



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Yamaha Celestas
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