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Vic Firth Tom Gauger Series Bass Drum Mallets

Brand: Vic Firth

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Vic Firth Tom Gauger Series Bass Drum Mallets

Our Perspective

The Tom Gauger Series of bass mallets are an excellent choice for any percussionist. What I like most about them is their weight. These mallets are not extremely heavy like some bass drum mallets can be which makes it much easier to control. The General TG01 is a very versatile mallet that will get you through most situations. Add is the other mallets to the series to broaden your sound scape. -Adam

Tom Gauger Series Bass Drum Mallets
Tom Gauger developed his line of mallets during his 35+ year career with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Orchestras and as an educator at Boston University and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. Each product was developed on the job and for the job, designed to solve a technical problem or achieve a desired sound.

Perfect for all purpose playing. Articulate‚ but not too hard.
Head = 2 3/4" | L = 16 3/16"

Special felt core produces subtle‚ dark sounds with good articulation.
Head = 3" | L = 16 3/16"

Unique oval design provides weight for fullness of sound at all dynamic levels.
Head = 2 3.4" | L = 16 1/2"

Rolling mallets with felt cores offer plenty of weight for a full sound. Sold in pairs.
Head = 2 1/2" | L = 15 3/4"

Designed for the Verdi Requiem‚ an ideal mallet for maximum volume.
Head = 2 13/16" | L = 16 3/8"

Ultra Staccato
With a wood core and chamois cover for maximum clarity.
Head = 2 11/32" | L = 16 1/8"

Medium head for a full but articulate sound
Head = 2 3/14" | L = 16 3/16"

This chamois/wood mallet is a must for The Rite of Spring. Sold in pairs.
Head = 1 1/2" and 1 3/8" | L = 15 1/4"

Double end
Designed for one handed rolls.
Head = 2 3/4" | L = 15 1/2"


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