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Vic Firth Signature SGRE Matt Greiner Sticks

Brand: Vic Firth


MSRP: $18.50

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The Vic Firth Signature SGRE Matt Greiner Sticks  feature:

- medium diamter

- extended length

- elongated taper

- dry-tumbled for  a smooth an organic feel

- no chemical finish!

- length = 16 7/16" diamter = .585"


Matt is best known as the drummer for the metalcore band August Burns Red.  Vic Firth and Matt collaberated to design a stick with a similar thickness to a 3A, but with more lengh and better balance to address Matt's musical needs.  A uniquely shaped wood tip provides great definition for intricate hi-hat & ride patterns while being bold enugh to ride on crashes, chinas, and heavy bells.   This stick also was created without a lacquer finish for greater gribability.  Vic Firth's dry-tumble finish technique is the final touch in creating this unique stick!



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