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Vic Firth SBG Benny Greb Signature Drum Sticks

Brand: Vic Firth


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The Vic Firth SBG Benny Greb Signature Drum Sticks are similar in diameter to a 5B, but features some unique adjustments that optimize feel and sound. A medium taper places the shoulder of this stick in an ideal spot for durability. To get a little more response than a medium taper typically offers, additional length is “borrowed” from the neck by moving the tip further up the stick.

While increasing response usually requires changing the taper or length of a stick, Benny’s signature model does it all within a well-balanced16 inches! The tip is a shortened tear drop shape–smaller than what you might normally find on a stick of this diameter–and provides a much more focused cymbal sound.

The Benny Greb Signature Stick is personal on every level, right down to the green ink–a calling card of this drumming mastermind.

Length = 16”

Diameter = .595”



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