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Vic Firth Corpsmaster Marching Keyboard Mallets

Brand: Vic Firth

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Vic Firth Corpsmaster Marching Keyboard Mallets

Field tested and field proven, the superior designs of the Corpsmaster® line developed throughout years of collaboration with the world's finest drum and bugle corps. Each season since the products were introduced, Corpsmaster® sticks and mallets have remained the most popular choice among the top high school bands, indoor percussion ensembles and DCI Championship corps.

The Corpsmaster® keyboard mallets are specifically designed to withstand the demanding playing and environmental requirements of outdoor performance applications.

Xylophone and Bells
Corpsmaster® Keyboard M61
Medium. 1 1/8" Lexan® ball offers excellent projection for all-around use. Two-step design features rugged plastic handles for gripping and control‚ and fiberglass shafts for maximum rebound‚ response and durability.
L = 15"

Corpsmaster® Keyboard M63
Medium 11/2? poly ball on a rattan shaft. Produces a warm sound on xylophone that blends nicely within a keyboard ensemble.
L = 14 1/4

Vibes and Marimba

Corpsmaster® Keyboard M70
Medium marimba - grey cord.
L = 16 1/2
Corpsmaster® Keyboard M71
Hard marimba - black cord.
L = 16 1/2"

Corpsmaster® Keyboard M75
Medium vibe - grey cord.
L = 15 3/4

Corpsmaster® Keyboard M76
Hard vibe - black cord.
L = 15 3/4


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