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Vic Firth Corpsmaster M87 Brian Mason - Hard Marimba

Brand: Vic Firth


MSRP: $48.75

Item: #255008
Discontinued item - No longer available

Primary Application - General marimba applicationsThis mallet works across the entire range of the instrument but is not recommended below the lowest 'C' of a 4.3 octave marimba (esp. rosewood). Can be played very strongly without damage to the bar (in the optimal range). Secondary Application - Soft xylophone passagesWhen used on xylophone, the sound is warm enough to disguise the xylophone sound as a mid-to-upper marimba sound.

These mallets were designed to both maximize the resonant output of the keyboard and to offer an attractive, performance-enhancing mallet that provides a more ""weighted"" stroke. The marimba mallets feature large birch shafts which increase the mass of the entire mallet. This promotes a darker and richer sound and provides great balance with the large heads. The vibe mallets feature rattan shafts. Premium wool/acrylic blended yarn or acrylic cord produce warm sounds and provide durability.  

M81 Soft yarn mallet designed for low end marimba. Perfect for roll passages. 17 1/8"  
M82 Medium hard yarn mallet for general marimba applications. 16 7/8" 
M84 Soft cord vibe mallet. Extremely full sound without a lot of attack. 16 1/2"  
M85 Medium hard cord vibe mallet for general and aggressive passages. 16 1/2" 
M86 Medium soft yarn mallet for maximum low register sound and a full sound in the middle register. This mallet replaces the M80. 17 1/8" 
M87 Hard cord mallet promotes a superior sound in the high and middle registers. Perfect for loud passages. This mallet replaces the M83. 16 3/4"


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Vic Firth Corpsmaster Brian Mason Marching Keyboard Mallets (Vic Firth Corpsmaster M87 Brian Mason - Hard Marimba)
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