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Vater V-CEV30M Concert Ensemble Medium Vibraphone Mallet

Brand: Vater


MSRP: $54.25

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The Vater V-CEV30M is designed for Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Orchestral applications.

• Balanced implements that generate focused, rich and full-bodied tones that fill a concert hall.
• Hand matched for size, weight and sound.
• All wrapped mallets have dark 100% wool yarn or Multi-Ply Cord for a uniform look.
• A complete selection of mallets that show their versatility at low to moderate dynamic levels in all concert settings.

3 models with Oval and 2 with Mushroom heads feature hard rubber cores that provide a rich sonority. Graduated sized heads and tightly wrapped multi-ply chord with 11/32” Rattan shafts for superior feel and durability.

Also recommended for Indoor / Outdoor Front Ensemble Use.

Rattan is an extremely strong yet very flexible shaft that has the perfect amount of “give“ when striking the instrument or dampening the bars. Rattan is the most popular choice for Vibraphone and is also very good for Xylophone and Bells.

The V-CEV30M Shaft is 15-3/4" Long and has an Oval Head



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