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The Conga Drummers Guidebook



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The Conga Drummer's Guidebook
by Michael Spiro with Josh Ryan
Spiral-bound Book and CD
114 pages
For intermediate to advanced drummers

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to play Afro-centric music, in addtion to giving some specifics about what to play.  A goal is to help you learn how to swing when you play this music, and to learn how to feel it "correctly," so that you can improve your expression in addition to your knowlege.

Spiro explains the concepts of conga drumming in Afro-Cuban style as well as the basic concept of Afro-Cuban music and rhythm. In-depth descriptions and many exercises. An enclosed CD contains most of the examples and exercises in the book.

1. Getting Started
2. Basic Strokes
3. Notation Key
4. Glossary of Terms
5. Clave: the key to Afro-centric music
6. Phrasing, Part 1
7. Phrasing, Part 2
8. Using the A/B Structure to Create Form - "Part-Lick" (or "Lick-Part")
9. Playing with the Right Feel - Finding "Fix"!
10. It's Not a Waltz! 12/8 Coordination Exercises
11. Revoicing - Voicing and Orchestrating on Hand Drum
12. Rhythmic Cells for Improvising (Quinto ideas)
13. Heel-Toe Technique
14. Agility Exercises with Heel-Toe
15. Building Stamina
16. Double Stroke Exercises
17. Combining Technique with Repertoire
18. Hand to Hand
19. Segundo in Guaguanco
20. Flams
21. Conclusion


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