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"This piece may hold the distinction of being the sole example of a solo for timpani and hi-hat. Campbell's piece requires five timpani, and accommodating the placement of these instruments prompts a suggestion by the composer that, although a conventional hi-hat could be used, "a remote hi-hat and pedal would make the performance more efficient." If this latter suggestion is followed, the pedal is placed near the lowest drums and the cymbals near the highest drum. Much of the hi-hat part is executed by the foot alone. The hand/foot dexterity of a good drumset player is required throughout. For example, the player must maintain a rhythmic ostinato in the right hand on one drum while the left adds a two-drum commentary and the hi-hat embellishes the right-hand pattern. The timpani part requires the showmanship worthy of the drumset artist with its crossover sticking patterns. Notated effects include closed, half-open and open hi-hat, playing in the center of the head, and a "slow vibrato" realized by wiping the head with the mallet after the attack in rapid, repetitive motions. This piece proves that percussion techniques and instruments commonly utilized in two different performance areas can be successfully combined to produce entertaining and exciting solo literature." - John R. Raush Percussive Notes, August 1998

Instrumentation: 5 Timpani and hi-hat


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