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Tama Starlight CRBDT Marching Bass Drum Carrier

Brand: Tama


MSRP: $310.00

Item: #263869
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The Tama Starlight CRBDT Marching Bass Drum Carrier combines a minimal design aesthetic while maximizing performance and durability. Adjustments are quick and easily executed. Aircraft grade aluminum ensures lightness of weight along with superior strength.

Safety Lock Mount - All StarLight Carriers feature a Safety Lock Mounting System which can safely lock any drum in place by activating the black locking tabs. The bass carrier, combined with the Noiseless Carrier Attachment, will eliminate any wobble or rattle. Exclusive to TAMA, this feature allows for complete control of motion and enhanced performance capabilities.

Sliding Height Adjustment - This enables the player to position the drums at the correct height for their body type by adjusting the bolts on the front of the plate with a tuning key.

Two-Way Support Bar - Support Bars for the bass drums can be set up two ways according to the drum size. This will allow for correct positioning of each drum. The larger bass drums can be set up lower as shown in the picture on the left.


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