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Tama M2014BT-SBK 20" Maple Shell Bass Drum, Satin Black Lacquer

Brand: Tama


MSRP: $1,135.00

Item: #217281
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The Tama M2014BT-SBK 20" Maple Shell Bass Drum features a 20x14” Maple shell that produces rich resonance with sensitive response. This drum features a Satin Black Lacquer finish with chrome hardware.

*Drum Only! Packages with carrier/case/stand available, please contact us for more details.

It is the simplest yet the biggest of drums. The Maple shell produces rich resonance with sensitive response. The TAMA "Noiseless Carrier Attachment" completely eliminates the space between the bass drum and carrier allowing the bass drum to fit the player's body to enhance stability and playability. TAMA Marching Bass Drums come with unparalleled power and comfortable mobility.

Locking Attachment for Bass Drum Stands

This unique locking attachment allows bass drums to be safely locked to the bass drum stands. Bass drums will not wobble while locked to the stands and cannot be accidentally knocked off or blown off by strong winds.

Noiseless Carrier Attachment

Usually marching bass drums are attached to the carrier by hooking onto eye bolts. This system does not hold the drum firmly and the bass drum wobbles and makes noise. This harms the player's performance. TAMA Marching Bass Drums eliminate the space between the bass drum and carrier by applying the joint locking system similar to the snare and tenor drums. TAMA Marching Bass Drums are designed for stability in the most demanding of performances.

Claw Hooks

TAMA Claw Hooks have been created only for TAMA Marching Bass Drums. TAMA Claw Hooks are designed with superior strength for high-pitch tuning.



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Posted on May 13, 2015

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