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Tama B60234TL-DSF 6/10/12/13/14" Quints, Birch/Bubinga Shell, Dark Stardust Fade

Brand: Tama


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Item: #216388
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The Tama B60234TL-DSF features Birch/Bubinga shells in a 6", 10”, 12”, 13”, 14” configuration in a Dark Stardust Fade Lacquer finish.This configuration weighs about 27.1 lbs.

*Drum Only! Packages with carrier/case/stand available, please contact for details.

TAMA Marching Tenor Drums have been designed with revolutionary new features. The drums can be positioned in a range of angles to account for different body types. All adjustments are player friendly and require only a tuning key. The tenor drums are light weight yet very strong and stable. TAMA's philosophy has always been to create innovative products from the player's viewpoint. This has led to the successful breakthrough of technology and sound of TAMA Marching Tenor Drums.

Available Finishes (Please Specify When Ordering)


The stock finish for the Birch/Bubinga line is the Dark Stardust Fade (DSF). Any other finish is special order with a 120-150 production lead time.

  • Dark Stardust Fade* Stock Finish
  • Copper Mist Fade
  • Deep Green Fade
  • Dark Cherry Fade
  • Gray Pewter
  • Indigo Sparkle Fade
  • Jade Sparkle Fade
  • Molten Caramel Fade
  • Piano Black
  • Red Sparkle Fade
  • Smoky Indigo Fade
  • Vintage Gold Sparkle



Tenor Drum Lugs

TAMA Marching Tenor Drums feature lightweight aluminum die-cast lugs and 6mm diameter tension bolts designed for strength and durability for high-pitch tuning.

Three Detachable Legs (US.PAT.NO.7265287)

TAMA Marching Tenor Drums feature 3 Detachable Legs to prevent damage to the shells if placed on the ground. Tenor drums will sit flat on the ground or table top for rehearsals. The legs do not interfere with marching and are easily removed for performances.

Adjusting Tom Angle

There are many sizes and shapes of tenor drummers. TAMA Marching Tenor Drums have the capability of changing angles and distances from the body to create the most comfortable position for the player. By adjusting 4 screws on the joint part, this innovative and simple-to-use advancement allows perfect positioning of tenor drums for the individual player.

Steel Mighty Hoops

TAMA's triple flanged 2.3mm steel hoops offer durability and open sound.

Reinforcement Ring

TAMA uses a 32mm reinforcement ring on the top edge of the tenor drum shell. This ring allows the shell to maintain shape and withstand high-pitch tuning.


Includes edge guard, and clear painted inner shells for protection.


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