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Item: #836993
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by Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic
Edition Musica Europea
Percussion Quartet


  • Percussion I:  4 tom-toms 10/12/13/15", 2 Bongos, Crasher, 5 Wood-blocks high to medium, small Tam-tam, 3 Cymbals, 5 oct marimba
  • Percussion II:  4 tom-toms 10/12/14/16", Bongos, Crasher, Ocean drum, Large mounted tambourin, Small Tam, 3 Cymbals, China cymbal 12", China Gongs, Wood-blocks from high to medium, Glass chimes, Lions roar, Glockenspiel with pedal
  • Percussion III:  12" Kick drum on stand, 4 toms 12/13/14/16", Bongos, Mounted vibraslap, Crasher, Thumder sheet, Big Tam-tam, Cymbals, Wood Split drum 6-8 tongues, 5 Wood-blocks medium to large size, Vibraphone
  • Percussion IV: Gran Cassa, 4 Tom-toms 12/14/15/18", Bongos, Crasher, Cymblas, China gongs, Metal chimes, 5 wooden objects low and loud, Thunder tub, 2 octaves Crotales or Pedal Glockenspiel

"After learning that this is considered to be an old name for island of Tenerife, I studied all avaiable online resources about the Canary Islands and their geological hisotry.  In addition, I also read interesting "myths" which inspired my compositional process.  Last but not least, the name itself, "tak-na-ra", servied as a rhythmic motif for the second part of the piece.  The music has a descriptive character, especially the first (slow) movement.  After the thundering opener, I wanted to evoke calm and deep ocean atmospheres by using low, marimba sounds with ocean-drum, contrasted by metal and glass instruments.  Into this "soundscape", I have built-in sounds of the Canaries and also undersea volcano eruptions.  The final movement is based on a simple rhythmical motif of only three notes." -Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic


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