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Snare Drummers Toolbox: The Absolute Method For Beginning Snare Drum!



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Instructions on set-up and tuning your snare drum

Ten lessons covering reading, stroke types, cut time, triple meter, rudiments, and more

20 solos and 11 duets, each focused on the material for each lesson

Fun "Eye-Q Review" tests at the end of each lesson

Chop-Builders Page

The "15 Toolbox Essential Rudiments"

Five rudiment solos each focusing on (3) rudiments

A two-page "Grand Finale"

Video instruction for each lesson in the "Toolbox"

An interview with Scott Brown detailing classroom format

Video instruction on the nine "Toolbox" percussion instruments with Dr. Julie Hill

Two play-along tracks (mp3's at two tempos) for every solo & duet

62 mp3 "Groove Tracks" diverse in styles and tempos for practice

26 mp3 Stick-Click metronome tempos

Over 40 pages of additional exercises, the PAS 40 Rudiments, instructions on how to build a classroom practice pad and a percussion ensemble in printable PDF format


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