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Sex In The Kitchen



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Sex In The Kitchen
By Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic
Edition Musica Europea
Percussion Duo

Three metal kitchen objects of performers choice
Low and High cymbal (low 18", high 8-10")
Small chinese opera gong
Frusta (if possible a real whip)
Mounted Guiro
Large and well ringing vine glass
20" Bass drum with pedal
Two Tom-toms 10" ad 15-16". Long sustain, and very distinct pitch difference
10-12" piccolo snare drum, high pitched

"Obession, passion, anger, and excitement would probably best describe the content of the piece, especially due to the overlapping and ambiguous nature of these terms.  In addition, these terms describe emotions or characteristics which often (and suddenly) transform from one to another.  The piece probably does not require any further comment, as words alone cannot convey the emotions which inspired it.  It is my wich that both, performers and listeners are able to enjoy the rhythmic energy and passion of the music itself."  -Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic


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Sex In The Kitchen
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