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Sabian HHX Evolution 11800XEB 18" O-Zone Crash

Brand: Sabian


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Hot, simmering darkness is the sound of HHX. With its 'Tone Projection' design, this 'Modern Dark' cymbal shoots its tone through the music around it. Darker, dryer, dirtier, funkier... only HHX delivers darkness with such efficiency.Expanding its award-winning HHX, Sabian introduced the HHX Evolution, a range of drumset cymbals inspired by and collaborated on with Sabian endorser Dave Weckl. Featuring the jumbo hammering; lathed surface; and raw, unlathed bell thatcontribute so greatly to the HHX concept of 'Tone Projection' -- a combination of traditional tone and modern projection -- Evolution models were created around Weckl's desire for his cymbal playing to 'follow the path of least resistance'. These Evolution models, with their glossy Brilliant Finish, respond to the slightest touch, making them extremely easy to play. An innovative 'Total Response' feature has been designed into HHX Evolution to boost sensitivity and eliminate the need for players to 'dig' the sound out of the cymbal.HHX Evolution splash    Highly responsive model has increased high end for brighter, faster and more penetrating projection.  07"   10705XEB                 10"    11005XEB     12"    11205XEBHHX Evolution hats    Bright and crisp pairing with open-sound top and tight, heavy bottom for boosted Tone Projection.  13"   11302XEB            14"    11402XEBHHX Evolution Effeks crash    Simply touch to activate this hand- or stick-playable extra-thin model with the finger-friendly, down-turned edge.  17"    11711XEB   HHX Evolution crash    The warm, explosive response of this model is boosted by a bright, high-ended cut for extra projection.  16"   11606XEB                 17"    11706XEB               18"    11806XEB                    HHX Evolution O-Zone crash    Perforated by 2" holes, this crash delivers an extremely nasty sound with a lot of aggressive bite.  16"    11600XEB                 18"    11800XEB             20"    12000XEBHHX Evolution RideCrisp attack and warm undertones combine in a shimmering ride with crash capability.20"    12012XEB.


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